What I Wore: Autumn Days

 we've had to dig out gloves and scarves here this week! it has been freezing!!!! that doesn't help this mama want to get out of her nice warm bed in a morning, let me tell you!

I took these yesterday - it may have been cold but at least the sun was shining! today, no such luck. It is raining heavily - and I really need to run and get some groceries :( the nights are drawing in quickly now, it's starting to get dark so early - I hate those winter days when it's dark by 4pm. 

this jacket was thrift shop bargain last week - £1.99!! I was very happy - and the boots I got for the same price a couple of weeks back. Gotta love me some bargains! 

we're off shopping today, I need some ear muffs to keep my ears cosy, and the girls want 'onsies' to keep them cosy ;)



  1. You definitely have a strong Janis Joplin vibe going on here :)

  2. Love this outfit pretty lady !

    Zoe xx

  3. You are gorgeous!! And I am soooo jealous of that jacket!!

  4. you look super cute! i lovee that vintage top :)


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