Guest Post: Halloween Recipes

Hey everyone! This is Gillian from Craftzilla Conquers the World, stopping by the lovely Polly’s blog to share with you some tasty Halloween recipes from around the web for those of you are either staying at home and having a party or just want some tasty (and spooky) things to nibble on!

Can’t go wrong with spooky cupcakes!

All of these treats are so fun and interesting looking! And likely tasty!

More spooky spiders in the form of cookies!

I don’t usually like monsters, but if they’re in the shape of brownies, I’ll definitely make an exception.

Such detail on these, right down to the little flowers in front of the tombstones!

These pretzels look amazing! I have a weakness for pretzels covered in anything, especially chocolate!

Such creepy and surprisingly edible eyeballs these are! Yikes!

I need some cute treats now, to recover!

Lastly, no Halloween is complete without candy apples of some kind!

Thanks for having me as a guest Polly, and I hope you all found some tasty treats you liked in this post! For more of this kind of thing as well as crafty projects and photos, stop on over to my blog! I’d also love if you paid me a visit in my shop, talked my ear off on Twitter or stopped by my Facebook page!



  1. Yum! I want to go Trick or Treating where these goodies are!

  2. Wowza those are just a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Amazing!


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