Saturday Sun

It's been a crazy busy week here.. between 'school work', home ed groups, playdates, cinema visits, rainbows/brownies, drs appointments.... we've barely had time to catch our breath all week! And I've managed to fit in some creating time too :)

today is a home day... the girls are snuggled on the sofa watching some old Tom and Jerry's - they are exhausted after the week! I'm trying to get caught up again on laundry/housework, and waiting for my grocery order to be delivered :)

i got my ipod on to keep me moving - here's some of what i've been listening too :)

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  1. Sounds like a peaceful day - my favorite kind! If you don't mind me asking, who do you go through for grocery delivery? We used Schwan's for awhile and probably will again!

    And yesterday I cleaned the bathroom and basically said the same thing as your image. It DOES feel good!

  2. I use Tescos - but I'm in the UK :)


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