the last couple of weeks have been never ending. we seem to have been rushing from one thing to the next. I'm in serious need of some rest and relaxation! Lola and her daddy had tickets to watch a Narnia movie at hte cinema this morning (free, as part of National Films for Schools Week) and the little two were meant to have an art workshop. That was cancelled at the last minute, so we did some painting and baking at home instead.

G's Nain and Taid (Welsh for Grandma and Grandad!) came at lunchtime for the afternoon. It's been a while since we saw them, and they came ladden with gifts for the girlies!!!

We made quiches for lunch, and a scrummy lemon sponge for afters :) They've just left now, and the girls are curled up watching snow white, while I try and do some jobs (and keep my eyes open!)

I feel a walk is in order soon - I need some fresh air, else I'll be asleep well before their bedtime, I'm one exhasuted mama. I can never get to sleep at night very easily, and with Miss Baya still needing me in the night, I never feel totally rested. I'd kill for an uninterrupted nights sleep ;)

Tonight, I'm watching 'The Other Bolyen Girl' then hoping for some good zzzzz's!!! We've the last of our free films to watch tomorrow - Cars 2 - home ed has some very good benefits!!! We rarely go to the cinema as it's so darn expensive, so 4 films in a week is a treat lol

lemon sponge cake, with homemade apple and blackberry jam (courtsey of my daddy!)
quiches :)
sun trying to peep out!
dressing up fun
Baya decided to 'decorate' Mr Bear when he was asleep in a box ;)
Polly x x

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