Our Halloween in photos


we didn't do very much for Halloween this year. Normally we throw a party, but for various reasons not this year :( I'm fighting an ear infection, and didn't feel like dresing up! We decorated the house and our woods yesterday, and the girls got all dressed up! After the kiddos had gone to bed last night, the Mr and I hid some sweets and halloween party favours down the woods so they had a scavenger hunt this morning followed by pumpkin carving!

We met up with some friends this afternoon at a playbarn for a couple of hours. They've had a fun time - and that's all that counts ;) I'm ready for bed - this infection is taking it out of me.

Hope you've all had a fun Halloween weekend :)


  1. Happy Halloween! the girls look so cute. I hopr your feeling a bit better soon x x


  2. That's one grumpy looking witch!  I love the skull paper chain.


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