... we've (I've) been tackling some of the many jobs around the house that I've been putting off for the last few weeks! Mainly tidying and organising, sorting things out & getting my house in order.

the bedrooms are all sorted, clothes hung up (no more piles on the floor!!), clean beds, and tidy floors :) I also had a major sort out of the playroom - reorganised all the toys, cleared out some no longer need pieces, and binned all the rubbish.

PLUS - I managed to finally go through ALL of our books, get rid of those we no longer wanted, and sort out the shelfs. Seriously - we're well on our way to being able to set up our own library we have that many books in the house! At least now, I've managed to make a little more space on the shelfs, although I'm prettyu sure we'll soon fill it!

Two bin bags of rubbish and 1 box of stuff for the charity shop later, and my house looks tonnes better :) Sorting through things, and clearing out never fail to make me feel lighter - tidy house, tidy mind ;)

On the downside, our printer died last night, so we've had to purchase a new one (something that wasn't in the budget - it's gonna be a tough week money wise!) AND our internet has been running slow all day.... least it stopped be getting distracted online I guess!!

and now... I am exhausted - gonna get these kiddos to bed, then kick back and relax with a nice long drink and a good book-  then fingers crossed for a full nights sleep!

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