what mama wore

dress, necklace & leggings - c/o oasap.com
shoes - thrifted

i shared a sneak peak at these clothes yesterday.. here they are for you to see properly. i just love this dress, it's so pretty - though a little warm for the sunny spell we're having again! i love the sleeve length - i don't' tend to wear full length sleeves, for some reason i feel weird in them, so these three-quarter length ones are perfect, especially come the cooler days. the ribbed leggings are comfy and a change from the usual black ones i wear - and the outfit is completed with the cute owl necklace {i have so many!!} all three pieces are from oasap.com - if you sign up you get a 20% off coupon!

i cut my fringe short last week on a whim.... so much for growing it out! i'm torn between loving it and wishing i hadn't ha! i'm considering switching up the red in my hair for a different colour - perhaps turquoise? taking my littlest two kiddos to the cinema this morning to see the pirates, while lola is out at book club and a sports group! i'm so in need of some lazy days!

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  1. Looking cute mama, I love the short fringe and turquoise sounds cool

    Zoe xx

  2. mama looks lovely as always! You're such a cool mummy! xxx

  3. You look pretty, love your dress!

  4. always beautiful you are. full length sleeves don't sit right with me either, love a 3/4 length find. x x x

  5. You look lovely and that owl necklace is wonderful, miss!!!


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