review // orbeez soothing spa

my kiddos {and i} were excited to receive an orbeez soothing spa in the post last week to try out. from character options, the spa is aimed at tween/teen girls. it features removable hand bowls and a foot tub. instead of being filled with water as i've seen in traditional foot spas, this one is filed with soft scented Orbeez  - little squidy balls.

we set ours up as soon as it arrived, and the girls waited {impatiently} for their turn. the spa comes with two packets of the orbeez, as well as a bottle of jasmine scent to sprinkle over them. you warm the orbeez in some hot water first, then pour them into the foot spa. when the waterfall is turned on, it pulls the orbeez up and they cascade down into the hand bowls. the girls LOVED it..... it was fun and pampering and is perfect for a girlie sleepover. i'm certain that ours will be pulled out again and again - it's already been used everytime they've had friends around.  i might have had a sneaky try out to, and i have to say it felt lovely on my tootsies!! i'd definitely recommend it, and it would make a perfect gift for young girl :)

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  1. This looks awesome! I remember orbee type things from my childhood, my mum used to put them in vases with flowers but I used to steal them ha!


  2. so this is rad. I'm not a young girl.. but now I want it.

  3. Hmmm I'm cleaning and just found two big cases of colorful bright beads I forgot about. This seems like an interesting craft idea? :D

  4. This looks so amazing! I really want one haha!




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