saturday sun

happy saturday guys! the weeks seem to be flying by! it's been another busy  [but fun} week... we've just gotten back from lola's drama class, planning a lazy weekend now. some baking, some making and a picnic for a friends daughters 2nd birthday tomorrow. i've been working on next years homeschool - mapping out some of what we want to study and getting things together. i'm planning a post on our homeschooling journey soon - if you have any questions leave a comment or email me at pixiemama@live.co.uk

what do you have planned for your weekend?

a couple of links for you - kate wrote this fantastic post - there are two ways to look at life - it is a must read! and these 10 lifestyle tips from kaley on losing 10 pounds are perfect :)
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  1. These pictures are wonderful !



  2. Oh, what a gorgeous picture! Makes me feel so relaxed! :)

  3. Looks really magical. I realy love this picture.

    Greetings from Germany
    Moppelelfe Steffi


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