look deep into nature...

Leah Flores
when everything gets on top of me, and i'm feeling overwhelmed... the best thing i can do is drop everything, pack picnic and head out into nature. away from the computer, and the noise, and the never ending to-do list. out where i can hear the birds singing and the river whooshing by. down to the river, where the kiddos can paddle and build dams, and we can eat under the shade of a tree. or up a mountain where i can see for miles.

without the distractions of daily life and the constant humming of the computer or my phone i can think. think through all the things that i'm not sure about and everything seems a little easier. i long to run away into the wilds of nature and stay there - far away from the modern world. 

we've just been kitting ourselves out ready to do some camping - my heart is excited at the thought of it!! any tips for taking kiddos camping??

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  1. Nature is always an inspiration and a getaway for me. Thanks for sharing this photo, wonderful.

  2. Nature is the best place to go when you need to have a re-think of where you are going with certain things - I've always thought so. :)

  3. your blog is so beautiful and im just lusting over all of the jewelry in your shop!

  4. I hear ya. i like getting back to nature to refresh myself.

  5. Yessss. I completely agree. Sitting outside, looking upwards, or going on a walk in the breeze, or even going for a bike ride... Nature is such a magickal de-stressor.


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