lionheart magazine - ROAR!

i can't quite remember when i first heard about lionheart magazine. it was certainly earlier in the year, and i think i noticed a few tweets about it, decided to investigate and upon browsing the website was blown away and very quickly ordered a copy! so i was equally excited to hear that issue two was in the works and pre-ordered my copy as soon as i could.  i was a happy mama yesterday when the postman brought me my copy! 

lionheart magazine is a magazine for those looking for something that reflects their personalities and preferences. it's a bi-monthly publication that hels martin has lovingly brought to life and edits, combining features, reviews, and interviews with ideas, photography and so much more - it’s a treasure trove. each issue is themed - the theme for issue two is 'warmth', i snuggled up on the sofa last night, tea in hand, blanket over my knees and was engrossed for the evening.  

i was captivated by the beautiful cover illustration {by natasha thompson}. the magazine is filled with inspiring interview, beautiful images and a whole heap of inspiration. i'd say lionheart is one of the best magazine's around - beautiful to look at and inspiring to read. i loved the interview with the aviary, drooled over kimberlee's  red velvet cake recipe and lusted over the dreamy fashion shoot.

head on over and buy yourself a copy - it will be the best £5 you've ever spent!

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