happiness is....

'happiness is...' -  each week we'll meet two lovely ladies to find out what happiness is to them.... if you'd like to take part please drop me an email :)


what makes you happiest? Being surrounded by & filled up with so much love that I'm a vessel overflowing with love energy...so beautiful.

do you have a ‘happy place’?
Yes, always outside, the forest is my haven, being around trees recharges my soul, also festivals...drums, earth, love & community...it's always a blissful beautiful experience!

do you have a favourite happy song?
AKD- alliance of love....smiles from the heart every time I hear it, rhythmic bliss!

what gets you past a bad day?
connecting with friends & lovers, being outside under the sky feet on the earth always sorts everything out and keeps the balance in my life.


what makes you happiest?
Being on set in front of the camera in the middle of filming a great project.  A close second is being behind the camera and doing a photoshoot - any photoshoot! Oh and hugs from my baby girl are a moment of Nirvana!

do you have a ‘happy place’?
Again, it would have to be either on set, behind my DSLR, on the treadmill, or in a Kung Fu training session.  I'm weird that way.

do you have a favourite happy song?
I'm more about feeling the beats in my body and grooving - so really anything with a happy, energetic beat will do it for me.

what gets you past a bad day?
Focusing on the good and trying to think about what is going well works.  But sometimes, you just have to sit in it, accept that today is a crappy, sad day and be okay with that.  We're human and not joyous all the time, so when you accept that you're taking this day to be sad and blue, but tomorrow you'll turn a corner, you're not doing a bad thing.  I take that day.  I cry.  I watch movies, or read a book, or do whatever my blue self wants.  Then I go to bed and wake up determined to have a game plan. 

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