saturday sun

the sun is shining and we're getting ready for a big bbq - i love having a garden full of friends. one of the best parts of summer, long afternoons catching up, some delicious barbecued food, evenings around the firepit with a few guitars. all this sun has made me feel great - i love sunny days when we can be outside the whole time :)

there's still time to enter to win this beautiful artwork from ashlie

i'm in love with these lampshades

love this post on setting your own rules on wake up, lovely

have you visited the moway yet?? if you haven't - go read this!

new {to me} blog - spell and the gypsy collective

love this inspiration list

what do you have planned for today? 

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  1. I start my first day of training at my new job xD not very exciting. Have a lovely day!

  2. That sounds like an awesome day! Wish I was there, everyone I know here is either ill or working today so no bbq or firepit for me this weekend :(
    Gona check out your links now. Have a lovely weekend hon! :) xx


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