what i wore // hooping

i've been hooping like a crazy lady lately. hooping makes me so happy, it's almost meditative. i've been making the most of every little break in the rain to sneak out for ten minutes! i don't know where our summer has gone, it's so wet here! do you see the bunny sneaking in the photos??? they are so happy to have the run of our woods! every morning they meet me at the gates ready for their breakfast. we should be getting our chickens in about three weeks. we chose to get some rescue chickens {ex battery hens} - some girls in need of lots of love and tlc.

the past couple of days have been super stressful for some reason, i think this weather has put us all in funny moods. fingers crossed today is off to a better start. we're spending the day crafting - just made a huge batch of salt dough, the girls want to make mobiles for their bedrooms!

my new gemstone rings are proving to be a big hit! if you haven't snagged one yet, go get one now!

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  1. Yay for hooping! We're looking to buy a house at the moment and one of my most important criteria is that the garden is big enough to swing a hoop in!

  2. Growing up I used to love hoola hoops. We had these amazing ones in school but somehow I never managed to find a proper one for home. Perhaps I'll go look for one this summer, might be a nice hobby to start again:)

    That bunny is adorable! And it sounds like you have some amazing plans. Can't wait to see those mobiles!


  3. Love hooping!!!! Can't do it right now as my back is bad :( but I am going to try becoming boss at hand hooping while i heal!

  4. yay hooping! also, way cute outfit (i'm especially loving your sandals!)

    hope life stresses disappear quickly :).

  5. weee!! I love hulla hops, so much fun! xx

  6. I love the gif, and your outfit! I used to hoola hoop a lot... I should get back into it again :)

  7. aawwww I love hooping! I love that gif!

    love, polly :D


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