sponsor call

july's whizzing by at an alarming rate! i'm still waiting for summer to arrive here in the uk, i'm sat inside listening to the rain pounding on my windows! it's about time to start planning next month's sponsors, my feature ad is open for the first time in a while - prime advertising spot for only $20 - book it fast if you want to reserve it. i also have plenty of large sizes coming up too - see my ADVERTISING PAGE for more info and to purchase your spot!!

FYI -  everything in my shop has free shipping all this week!!!
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  1. We're supposed to be having the River Festival this weekend - at the rate we're going I think the council might have to consider cancelling it. It would be a huge shame but there's not alot they can do about it :(

    1. :( bloomin' weather - so much for summer!

  2. hi there! How fun to meet someone in UK :)

    come say hello over at nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    Have an amazing week!


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