zoo zoo zoo!

yesterday we took the kiddos to chester zoo. it's been a long time since we've went and the girls have been counting down the days for the past fortnight. we were a little worried over the weekend that it was going to be a very wet day out, but thankfully the rain held off and it was fairly warm if not sunny. for definitely un-morning people we managed to get up and on early and headed out of the house before 9am!

7 hours walking around the zoo wore us all out, but we wished we could have had a second day - the zoo warrants a stay in the chester hotels next time so we can make it a two day trip. we saw lots of cute baby animals, loved the painted dogs {forth picture down} and mr chimp was kind enough to pose for me!! although he did scare baya a little, as did the animatronic dinosaurs!!!!

walking around, we made it to the camel enclosure and spotted a cute little bunny munching away on the grass. watching the camel who we thought was about to jump over it, we were horrified to see him stamp on the poor bunny :( slightly traumatic - and certainly made for a unforgettable zoo visit!!! all in all though we had a fantastic day out - the girls loved seeing all the animals and are planning our next visit.

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  1. Such cute pics. Your girls are so precious.:)

  2. What a nice post, and love all your pictures especially the family shot :)

  3. Great photos, especially as all the animals look like they're posing! :D


  4. I love Chester Zoo. I've been going there since I was a kid. We ended up there on my birthday last year (it was also a treat for T as it was her birthday 4 days earlier). The bat cave is brilliant.

  5. I love that picture of your family, Polly! =)


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