tuesday thoughts

good morning! we're enjoying some rare sunshine today. i think the kiddos and i might head out into the countryside for some fresh air this afternoon.  it's amazing the difference a little sun makes to all our moods! we've been doing a little 'school' work this morning, and i'm working on some new feather earrings for my shop {free shopping all week long!!} 

i thought i'd share a few links with you today, i'm so behind on my blog reading - feeling like a bad blogger right now!!

* ashlie's motivational monday's are my favourtie read on a monday morning

* i love lauren's tie-dye tshirt diy over at calico skies

* this post from tico♥tina on overcoming overnight success envy is worth a read

* tempted to try out jelli's creme de menthe ice cream recipe!

* a great reminder from Kate to smile more often!

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