saturday sun

saturday whizzed round again fast this week! it's been a busy but fun week. we've caught up with friends, and enjoyed a couple days out. we released the butterfly's except from one little fella who can't fly, every time he tries he ends up on his back :( so we're looking after him in the butterfly net still! i can see some heartbroken girlies when he leaves us.

despite the rain this week we took a couple of nature walks and found a beautiful bird egg, and some more feathers for our collection. 

we were also lucky enough to be gifted a climbing frame this week. the girls were so excited as their daddy was building it! our woods are slowly turning into our own private playground {complete with bunnies hopping around}

i'm getting caught up on some housework this morning, then we're off for a community picnic this afternoon! fingers crossed the sun keeps shining! hope you all have fun plans for your weekends xxx

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  1. Happy weekend to you and yours, we walked out over the meadows under appocalyptic skies last night and enjoyed getting soaked on the way home, it's a different experience for the little ones but nothing better than snuggling up in PJ's on our return to warm wholesome homegrown stew x much love x

  2. Wow, so many fun plans! I love that you do so many outdoor activities with the girls:D

    Also, thanks again for these;)

  3. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Polly!

  4. Aw, sounds like you had lots of fun. Hope your Monday is just as great :)


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