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Hello, my name is Keri-Anne. I am married to an auburn haired boy and a mummy to two beautiful fairy girls. I love sewing, photography, baking, charity shopping, going for picnics along the river and going for walks through forests.

My blog is my creative outlet. I share recipes, diy's, family days and words from my heart. I want to create memories and document them for my little ladies to read when they get bigger. Come and say hello :) i would like that very much.


I go by Miss Angie. I'm a single girl living in Salt Lake City with a roommate, a snake, a fish, and a bunny. I am a hippie at heart and love to hula hoop. I also like to craft/create art and sell things on Etsy, and I volunteer with rescue animals.

I am a 20-something freelance graphic designer in Austin, Texas, having fun exploring the world of screenprinting. I love books, dragons, sweet tea, pretty things, old movies, writing, my boyfriend and my puppy, shopping (real or window), learning how to cook better, and making things. I just discovered screenprinting last year, so my shop is very much still a growing work in progress. Each screen is hand-painted, and each shirt hand-printed. Every shirt is a unique combination of colors and design; I try not to make the same shirt twice. I blog about my ongoing screenprinting adventures, and anything else that catches my fancy (generally along the lines of fashion as I see it, cooking recipes, book reviews, photos, etc.). Check by often to see what's new!


Hey This Enchanted Pixie readers! I'm Katlyn and I am the mastermind behind The Dreamy Meadow. It is a lifestyle blog about life as a military wife, and the journey of being a teenage mother. There are always tons of fun things going on in my little world and I would love if you would come to be apart of it! Come stop by and say hello!


Hi there! My name is Adriana. I'm the awkwardly quirky writer of Horses of Ares, a very new corner of the blog world. I like to talk about food, my daily life, cute things, and random goodness. I started this blog because I wanted to see a change in my life but first needed to start with myself, so I made a pledge to dematerialize my home and focus on finding myself. {Very deep, I know! But I swear, I'm a total goof.} Don't be a stranger and come visit me sometime! :)

I'm just a girl in love with many things including God, my husband, reading novels, sewing, baking, couponing, graphic design, blogging, photography and so much more! Come stop by my blog and say HI, I LOVE meeting new friends!

hi! we're a passionately creative multicultural family, self-employed and location independent who believes everyone should live an adventure. we're on a mission to inspire people to go after their dreams and we're sharing our crazy journey, hoping to encourage others along the way. bohemian yet mainstream. simple & real, but sophisticated. fun-loving while analytical. epicurean, but very frugal/thrifty. a unified contradiction since 2004.

we'd love for you to check out our Blank Canvas Tour and be a part of it! 

Hi, I'm Emily (no, my name is not Anna Delores -- but don't worry, it's a common misconception). My blog runs the gamut of handmade, home decor, photography, and all things lovely. This includes regular features such as wedding wonders, favorite handmade sellers, beauty link parties, and guest posts from other creative minds in the blog-o-sphere, among many other topics. As long as it relates to something pretty, I'm game. This blog is also a scrapbook of my growth, ventures, and experiences as a wedding and fine art photographer.

I'm Bhrett and I blog over at lost in relocation. I'm madly in love with my other half, Josh, and our adorable little pug, Dharma. I'm a wandering soul. My loves and I have just relocated for the fourth time in a year. We're from the land of Little Egypt, where summer bonfires burn bright and hiking trails are abundant. For now we're living in Philadelphia, but my gypsy heart is leading us in another direction so we're looking to change our coordinates soon. Living the hand-made fair-trade, thrift store-raid kind of life is what we do.

I have perpetually busy fingers and I love to create beautiful handmade goodness with them. I decided to share my love for creating when I opened up my shop, fringe & feather fiber arts. I spend most of my days creating macramé, embroidery, and dream catchers that I hope will make my customers' homes a happier place. My products are designed to inspire your inner-bohemian while being kind to mother earth. All of the fabrics that I've used are thrifted or upcycled. Earth tones and natural fibers feel like home to me, and I love to use them to fuel my creative spirit. As for my designs, I am inspired by our journey to a simpler life, beauty in the nature that surrounds us, our travels, and the ethnic textiles that hang in our home. I hope you'll check out my shop and join our gypsy wagon as we seek out our path through this life!

i'm a stylish biker, surfer, avid thrifter and tattoo designer and city birds nest is where i show all the adventures i go on with my husband. i love to sew, am obsessed with flowers and vintage fabric. i run my own shop filled with my own original illustrations.

Mama to Jemma. Oven to #2. Wife to Dominic. Blogging about daily adventures, attachment parenting, thrifty finds, and crafty projects. It's a blessed life for sure.

Hi! Thanks for checking out the Eisley Rae blog. I'm Alyson, from Southern California, born & raised! My hubby, Matt and I met in 2002, married in 2003 and welcomed our first baby the same year.
Brookelyn is 8, though she seems to be going on 16. It took us much longer to bring another child into our family than we'd ever expected and we're incredibly thankful that 4 years ago we were blessed with a sweet baby boy, Cohen.

My kiddos are a huge inspiration to me, to my writing, my designs and everything you'll see here on the blog. I love crafting, sewing, coffee, wine, some trashy reality tv, shopping, thrifting, anything vintage, party planning and so much more. You'll see lots of DIY projects here as I try to redecorate my home a little at a time, make gifts, plan parties, etc. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to hear from my readers and get to know them. Be sure to follow Eisley Rae on Facebook & Twitter too!

Hi there folks! I’m Jelli and I blog about mommyhood, DIYs, and baking over at Jellibean Journals. I’m a semi-SAHM in Costa Rica, loving on my little brown-eyed girl and praising God for the opportunity to work for Him alongside my specTACular husband. (We’re youth pastors.) To make a long story short, my Prince Charming is a Tico, and here we’ve made our cozy casa.

Hello Dear Friends! My name is Lou, and I blog at Foxy Whiskers! I love vintage treasures, writing letters and late night baking! You will find a collection of sweet treats, adventures and dress ups at Foxy Whiskers, so come and say Hi!

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