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the mama earth project is a brand new community blog. brought to life by elisabeth, i'm thrilled to be a part of this inspiring venture - there are contributions also from some other lovely ladies - Samantha, Marissa, Katelyn, Betsy, and Kamika. the mama earth project also welcomes guest posts from you!

The Mama Earth Project is a sacred community of wild mothers and women that thrive on love, giving, creativity, and inspiration for themselves, their family and home life. Our varied collection of voices focus on family traditions, Earth celebration, inspired childhood, natural living and health, compassion for all Earthlings, soulful mothering, & caring for ourselves, others, and the planet we belong to.

the mama earth project also highlights a community, organization, or person for the purpose of making a difference each season. the autumnal focus is the Pratyasha Foundation.

the mama earth project began on september 14th, and the community is growing everyday. so grab yourself a cup of tea, snuggly under a blanket and come on over for a read

my series investigating the sabbats

betsy's post on how her family celebrated the autumn equinox

elisabeth's flower crown tutorial

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  1. i'm loving this new blog and really enjoyed your sabbats piece!x

  2. Loving the mama earth project! :) xx

  3. This sounds such an amazing project! Going to check it out now :) xx



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