heartshaped stones

heart shaped stone and forgotten about boots

i've been feeling such a renewal beginning this week. the past few weeks have been tough personally, but i feel that that is finally passing, i feel i've learnt and grown so much in the past month. the last few days i've felt such a feeling of contentment. of joy and gratefulness for the amazing life that i am blessed with. for three beautiful daughters. a man who loves me. for the lovely friends i have {online and irl}. for this space. for a growing business. for the freedom to live life my way.

sometimes it takes a rough patch to make you appreciate all that you have. i'm feeling the urge to pick up a brush and paint. in truth, it's been a long time since i've painted. since i've felt inspired. i painted the background of a canvas last night. i'm hoping for some more painting time later. i gave a huge soulsigh to be back at this place of happiness.

the sun is shining here today, my garden is covered in a multicoloured patchwork blanket of autumn leaves. -the girls are all busy reading or crafting right now, we heading out in a bit to visit the old-fashioned sweet shop, and then having an indian takeaway as a treat this evening. fingers crossed it's dry tomorrow, and we're planning a hike - i can feel the river and the woods calling me.


polly xo

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  1. Can feel the relief & peace in each word:: hope you are a wonderful weekend xx

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling well again. This is inspiring to me because I have been going through a tough time recently with stress and anxiety.

    <3 Melissa


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