sylvanian families party

when i was a little girl, i used to love the sylvanian families toys. i remember standing in the toyshop drooling over them, wishing i could own every single one. they're so darn cute. my kiddos have a few, so we were incredibly excited when we were one of the families chosen to host a sylvanian families twitter party! we've a houseful of friends coming round later to play some games and enjoy some yummy treats.

to join in the party, follow @UKMumstv, and use the hashtag #SylvanianFamiliesParty between 4-6pm {GMT} today.  i'll be tweeting throughout so be sure to join me there {@pixie_polly}

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  1. Aww this is so cool! I used to LOVE Sylvanian Families. xx

  2. I love sylvanian families! I still have all mine stored away at my mums house. I'm still obsessed with them even to this day and have to stop myself from buying them if I see them at car boot sales :3
    I hope the party was a blast! Xo

  3. I never had these as a kid but my son has a ton. He has a lot of animals, two slightly different cabins and one huge house. (And, you know, furniture and a car.) He looooooves these guys! But I've never heard of 'Sylvanian Families'. They are 'Calico Critters' here. :) (We live in America, if that makes a difference?)

  4. Aww this makes me feel so nostalgic. I remember I never had any Sylvanian families but absolutely adored my friends collections! But the party does sound like fun and I hope you enjoy!


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