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phew... so glad it's the weekend! i've been a busy bee this week, lots of orders shipped out and new stock made! this is the last weekend to take advantage of the buy one pair, get a pair free on all earrings in my shop! working out at $6 a pair now's the time to stock up for christmas gifts!

yesterday i started a deep clean//declutter of my house. the energy was feeling a little off, and i felt it was time to get rid of that we no longer needed and have a good old clean. i have a smudge stick waiting to be used once i've finished sorting out the house. moving around, reorganizing  decluttering - always clears the vibes and makes me feel good ;)

i'm hoping to be finished by the time we go away this week - then i can come home to a fresh home :) i'm also really looking forward to this :

run by laura emily, {who is running the home apothecary course i'll be starting in december}  lunation is a 29 day experiment with Tyler & Laura Emily- stripping off false schedule rhythms and patterns to make room for a lunar cycle structure for hearth & family. beginning november 13th i'm looking forward to getting my life rhythm more inline with the lunar calender. you can use code 'Herbs180' to get 15% off lunation and//or the apothercary circle if you want to join me there!

pee.ess the xl feature ad is still available! $40 for november or $60 for november + december - see here for more details

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  1. I spent the day cleaning as well! It must of been a get organized day and clean clean clean!

  2. I love doing a deep clean, definitely a refreshing way of clearing negative energy and energy clutter. Also, smudge sticks are fabulous, aren't they?! I love using them, even if the smell can be overwhelming. I love sage, but always gotten open the window!


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