diy clipboard + a printable >>>>>

apologies for the absence here the last few days.... there's some stuff going on at home that we're working through. normal service will resume shortly ;)

in an attempt to keep track of all i'm meant to do, as my tired mama brain can't manage it by itself, i make a new things to do prinable. then i decided that it would be even better if i had it clipped up somewhere i could see it, so it didn't get buried under a mountain of stuff on my desk!

so.... as i didn't have a clipboard lying around, and am too impatient/poor to buy one - i made one! i used a canvas board i had already, a sheet of scrapbooking paper and a bulldog clip

first things, i covered the canvas board with the paper, folded the edges over the back and taped 'em down.

then added a blob of hot glue and fixed the clip on {it doubles as a hanger too!}printed out my things to do list and hung it up!! {click on the image below to print out a copy of my things to do list}

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  1. your clipboard looks nicer than the ones in the shops too!! I like it a lot... so much so I'm going to hunt down my old canvas board and bulldog clip and make one too! :)


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