salted sunflower seeds recipe >>>>>

i am obsessed with these right now. seriously, this mama could eat this morning, noon and night ;) they are tasty and easy to make, i keep a jarful in all the time.

you'll need:
2 cups sunflower seeds
1/4 cup seasalt

place the seeds in a bowl/jug and cover with water. stir in the seasalt until it dissolves. leave these to soak overnight. drain and spread on a baking tray. place in a preheated over {170, 325F, gas mark 3} for one hour, turning over half way through. leave them to cool and store in an airtight container.

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  1. I love sunflower seeds! They're such a great snack. I also like mixing them with pumpkin seeds, and can't wait to have them as a snack!

  2. more of your culinary magic to get hooked on ... I totally have a pumpkin pie latte habit now ... btw ... you still have a thing for owls? love and light x

    1. mmm... pumpkin pie latte's are the best :D and yes! i still have a {huge} thing for owls ;)

    2. great :) can I have your address ... theres something I have that I'd like to send you my email: gipsyrose@hotmail.co.uk x x x

  3. Ok these sound so addictive and yummy, these are going on my must make list.

    Zoe x


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