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the clocks went back an hour here this weekend. suddenly we're thrown into dark evenings and the urge to hibernate. log fire roaring, hot chocolate in hand, cosy pyjamas on with the cold firmly shut outside - they're the kind of evenings that i love this time of year.

while in the summer i usually sleep in just knickers and a vest, there's something special about cosy pyjamas when the nights draw in. i usually treat myself to a new pair round about now - it's become something of a 'tradition'. 

idlewild london stocks gorgeous pyjamas {and dressing gowns} that are stylish and luxurious. they look incredibly comfortable - perfect for lounging around in, and also look like they'll keep you nice and toasty. they have a fantastic selection, including brand names such as dkny, calvin klein and princess tam tam. these four are my favourites right now. actually, i think i could happily lounge around all day in these ;) nothing wrong with pyjama days right?!

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  1. I love love love Winter for that exact reason. It's cold outside, but so warm n' cozy n' snuggly indoors. Plus, I do love a lovely dusting of snow. :D I think this will be a new favorite store of mine (PJs and lingerie is a bit of a collection in our lives! We have more of them than "regular clothes" XD!)

    I really fell in love with the Eberjey Bardot Loungewear Pyjamas. So elegant yet cozy!!!

    Eeee. ♥

  2. I LOVE princess Tam Tam, the quality is amazing and the items are just gorgeous, one of my favourite sleepwear brands. I'm such a sucker for PJ's etc I have a huge collection. Nothing is better than pretty and cosy jammies after a lovely hot bath.

    Zoe x

  3. One of the joys of home education, any day can be a pyjama day!


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