Vintage Book Bunting - easy gift idea

I always pick up old children's books when I'm out thrifting... some end up on our bookshelves, other's get put aside for crafty projects. This is a quick and simple project to create some bunting out of vintage books. It would make a great Christmas gift for a kid {or grown up!} and is inexpensive and great if you need something last minute.

I used an old 'Janet and John' book, the great thing is that you can pick a book with pictures that the recipient would love. You'll need some scissors, a hole punch, ruler, pencil and yarn or ribbon to string it on

Step One.
Carefully remove the cover from the pages. Then seperate all the pages so that you have a pile of all the pictures. Depending on how long you want to make your bunting, you'll probably be able to make at least two strings of butning from each book. For ours, we made it approx two metres long and we used eight pages. Choose which pictures you're going to use.

Step Two.
Mark the halfway point across the bottom of the back of each picture, then draw a diagonal line from that mark to each of the top two corners.

Step Three.
Cut along the lines you have drawn on each picture.

Step Four.
Punch a hole in both top corners of every picture {I punched all eight at once to make sure they were lined up correctly} 

Step Five.
Carefully string each picture onto the yarn/ribbon that you are using. Leave four/five inches at each end for hanging, and an inch or two inbetween each triangle.

 And that's it! If you want you could knot a loop in each end of the ribbon/yarn to hang it with. I have plans to make many more to decorate our bookshelves!!

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  1. I could/would never cut up a vintage book, maybe the pages could be copied thought.

  2. I'm sure you could copy the pages if you can't cut them up, I never cut up anything valuable, and generally they're books we already have in our collection :)

  3. I'm not sure i would ever be able to cut in a book, but i really like the result of this project !

  4. Love the color and the result..


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