Card Holder DIY

I needed {wanted} a new card holder this year. Most of our cards get hung on the line in teh dining room we use to show the kiddos art work off. But I wanted something to put in the kitchen with some of my favourite cards :)

So  I made one!

It was quick and easy to make, and needed nothing I didn't already have. I took the inner ring from an embroidery hoop and painted it. You might want to give it a couple of coats to get a good coverage.

Next I covered one side of some wooden clothes pegs in glue and then sprinkled them with glitter.

When everything was dry, I glued the clothes pegs onto the embroidery hoop, fixed a loop of ribbon and a bow to the top. And you're done! If you make one, leave me a link so I can see!!

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  1. What a good idea!  The glittery pegs look so cool and I can imagine using them afterwards to hang the washing out!  I am always cluttering up places with Christmas cards so this will not only look beautiful and Christmassy but also give things a much needed tidy up!

  2. Hi Polly x hope you and your little pixies are well, my super cute owl earings arrived :) i love them to bits gonna wear them to a wedding tommorow :) Dont think ive commented on your blog before sorry, im so impressed it looks sooo swanky ,weldone honey x
    Lucy xx


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