Chocolate covered candy canes

We made these last weekend. Lola and Kiki wanted to take some gifts to give to their friends at their Brownie and Rainbow groups before they break up for the Christmas holidays. I needed something that was fairly quick, that we could make lots of and didn't cost too much!

So we grabbed a bag of candy canes, dipped the ends in melted chocolate, then decorated them with an assortment of sprinkles, coloured sugar and melted pink chocolate. Grouped in sets of three, tied with a christmas ribbon they make a cute gift! {we put each set in a cellophane bag and tied that with a ribbon ready to hand out!!}

They're a perfect last minute gift to make too

Thankfully there were a few extras.... we had to make sure they tasted good, right?!

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  1. Those are so super cute! I might think about making a few :)

  2. Those look tasty! My little one and I made chocolate covered pretzels last night and put peppermint sprinkles on them! They are pretty tasty too! But i think I should try these chocolate covered candy canes too! Thanks for the fantastic idea! 

  3. The embellished candy canes are so Christmassy, they are also very cute and clever. They will make wonderful gifts that I'm sure the girls in their Brownie and Rainbow groups will love (and devour ).

  4. That's a great idea!  They would make excellent and fairly simple gifts for many occasions!  Hmm now I want one dipped in white chocolate and rolled in cookie bits.


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