Kiddo's Christmas Card DIY

not so much of a DIY as an inspiration idea!! i prefer to send homemade cards than shop bought ones, and my kiddos like to get involved in the making too. So I was trying to think of with some ideas that looked cute, not too 'kiddy' {if ya see what I mean} and were simple to put together. Here's what we came up with.

Gather your supplies; blank cards, christmas-y scrapbooking papers, stencils, glitter, leaves, flat decorations, anything else you can find that you think would look sweet

We used pinking shears to cut a rectangle of fancy paper a little smaller that the card, and glued it into place

Then get to work embellishing.. I loved how effective the leaves looked {we flattened them between some heavy books for a week or two before we used them}

I printed out a sheet of 'Happy Christmas's' and the like to cut out and stick on ~ if you have good handwriting {unlike me} then you could just write straight on the cards.

All three of my kiddos helped out making these, you can help as much or as little as needed depending on the age of your littlies - for Miss Baya I did most of the cutting, she did the glueing and we both did the sticking ;)

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  1. what a good idea!! And so much more personal than store bought cards!

  2. Uuuh, very pretty! I love these!! :) Lucky people who get to receive one.

    Here's to a happy week.
    Love, Nadine


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