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Hello! I'm Ruth from Dotty Delightful and I am really pleased to be doing a guest post on This Enchanted Pixie. I want to share my passion with you for healthy, pure living. Our family is dairy free, gluten free and we only eat organic free range meat and organic fruit and vegetables.We use no chemicals and grow organically too. 

Our journey started long ago in my own house, after my son was diagnosed with A.D.D, I went about discovering a natural alternative to the medicines that were prescribed him. We made a choice to be as natural as possible in our everyday lives.
 The first step we took was with our food. Up until this point I had thought that I was doing the best for my children, feeding them foods I thought were healthy, until I began researching the hidden nasties that were affecting our children. Things such as sodium metabisulphite present in most sausages, Carrageenan in most ice creams, Sodium Benzoate in some dilute juice drinks and lots of other things that should never pass our lips. 

I printed off a huge list of the "bad" things and took it with me every time we went shopping, at first it seemed an enormous task but soon it became 'normal'. The next step was to change our toiletries and house hold products, which can also contain a scary amount of chemicals.

 Starting out on your green/eco/pure living journey can be daunting, there is so much information, so many conflicting stories - What should you eat? What should you use on your body? What causes should you support? How do you be a great green parent? How do you manage when everything you have ever known is turned upside down and de-bunked because you are learning and becoming a new person?

My advice is start out slowly tackling one area that is most important to you and your family, this will lead to all other areas in your life but don't become overwhelmed by it all, embrace it and think about how different you will look and feel in a few weeks time, a few months time, a years time.
I have trawled the net, read lots of books and tried to learn all I can to benefit myself and my family. I learn each day something new and hope that I can inspire you to want to learn a new more environmentally conscious way of living too. I thought I would start of by telling you some of the best sites I have found whilst on my journey.

  • Dr Mercola - a fantastic natural health website, full of the latest health news.
  •  Skin Deep - a great site where you can check your cosmetics, body products, household products etc, it has a simple search box with traffic light coding for each chemical, red for danger, amber for moderate use and green for go ahead.

Lastly, if you're new to all this, it can be overwhelming. I would pick one area to focus on, each area is massive and the information endless, if you try and do it all at once you will probably get confused and give up. You can do it, you can live a healthier better way one step at a time, and to quote a terrible chemical laden company "your worth it!"

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