bits + pieces of christmas

hope you all had a merry christmas!!! we had the best christmas ever :) the kiddos had a blast opening presents and playing with their new toys. they scored great this year - miss lola recieved a new camera, kiki boo got a yellow bass {!!} and baya got the scooter she wanted - plus they got huge piles of other goodies too! it was a beautiul, cold, sunny day here - we spent christmas day just the 5 of us, lounging around - though we did have a little walk as baya was desperate to take here scooter out.

yesterday we had friends round, we ate too much, drank a little, played a tonne of games and had a blast. today is for recovering!!


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  1. These are the sweetest photos, Polly.  Happy holidays!

  2. Oh how sweet! Looks like you all had a blast! :)

  3. That Christmas sweater is fan-freaking-tastic!


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