it's been kinda busy....

as much as I love this time of year, it always seems that we end up running around like crazy with so many things to do and so much on in the space of a few weeks!! I think that I've finished my Christmas shopping, I've gotten most of my parcels posted out to folks that I needed to, just a couple left to go. Tonight I have to brave the cupboard that is currently full of Christmas gifts :O I'm planning on putting a movie on the laptop once the girls are in bed, and sorting it out, checking that I've got all the stocking fillers I need, and maybe making a start on the wrapping - although I think that will take more than one evening.

The girls great-grandparents visited on Monday, and my Mum's been here since Wednesday - we're taking her to the train station in an hour. The girls love having company {and so do I!} - it's nice to see folk before Christmas - they all live a way aways so we don't see them at Christmas. There's been lots of playing and reading and game playing all week - the girls love having some one different to entertain them.

Friday we had a Christmas party at one of our Home Ed groups. The kiddos dressed up, we made did some christmassy crafts, had a delicious shared meal and had a little 'disco' in the afternoon :D It was great fun, and left us all feeling super festive.

Tomorrow, we've a friend coming round to take some photos of the girls modeling her fairy clothes - I can't wait - it's gonna be a fun morning!!!! I'll be sure to share some photos {I might be joining in too!} Here's some pics from this week {if you're on Instagram you can follow me @thisenchantedpixie}

Baya with her Nain. Vintage Christmas Carol Book. Gigi up the tree :/
Homeschooling. Hot Chocolate & Cream
Colouring. Stories with Gramsie. Kitten on the computer!
Christmas Party Fun!!

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