saturday blessings >>>>

happy saturday lovely folk! i woke up feeling super happy today {despite having really bad hip pains that kept me awake all night... wtf???}

it's sunny and we're planning a trip to the park, we might even brave a january picnic! i'm determined to make weekends more fun time and less work time! apart from a couple of orders that need shipping, i plan on relaxing, and getting in some crafting time.

if you follow me on facebook//instagram you might have seen the bracelet i made myself yesterday:

after a LOT of requests {thankyou!} i've gotten custom word mantra bracelets listed in my shop HERE. I'm working on offering them as a necklace also, these should be listed in the week, if not sooner. these are perfect if you choose a word for the year, or if you need a constant reminder of something, or just for a phrase/word that really resonates with you. if you have any questions about these, feel free to shoot me an email

i've completed almost a full week of drinking 100oz water a day, as well as having cut sugar out of my diet! i'm feeling great. still going to pee constantly, but hey! i'm feeling fully committed to finally making these dietary changes that i've been thinking about for so long. if you want to cut sugar out, the amazing elisabeth has set up a support group, send her a request on fb to join us.

you've heard me rave about laura emily and her home apothecary course a zillion times already. but i'm going to do it again ;) she is one amazingly inspirational lady, and i am so blessed to have such a friend in my life. she has a couple more courses opening up soon - 10 day fast ecourse and sacred space workshop. also, the apothecary circle is opening up to new members in march, if you missed out last time, nows your chance - you won't regret it, signing up was the best decision i ever made :D you can use code 'Herbs180' to get 15% off the cost of any of these in the good earth living etsy

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  1. Wow your bracelet is so cute :)
    I am still trying to decide on my word....

  2. YOur bracelet is lovely, you talented thing! Have a lovely time at the park x

  3. Wish we could go to the park with you! I love your bracelet more than my leather bracelet...simpler but stunning! You are so creative! Have a great day!

  4. I just checked out your store and wanted to tell you, your work is beautiful!

  5. I LOVE that bracelet, Polly! It's absolutely gorgeous. I want one. ;) I hope your Sunday is just as lovely as your Saturday was!!!

  6. Love your bracelet! I think it is so awesome that you are drinking that much water a day! I drink a lot of tea, so by the time I get to water, I'm just not that thirsty. But it's one of the healthy things I'm trying too!

  7. That bracelet is beautiful, such an amazing reminder to carry round with you. Hope you had an amazing, relaxing weekend xo


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