bits + pieces >>>>

puzzles // banana bread in the making // tunes
pizza night // kiddos crafting // lavender and calandula oils steeping
silly kitty // lost teeth // beautiful sunrise
yummy breakfast //brownies {that last about two minutes!} // board games
candle-lit art journaling date with my eldest 

easing back into this online world.... i disconnected on friday, and took the weekend off. it was a much needed break from everything. as much as i love the amazing community i have online, sometimes all the extra noise can get overwhelming. a weekend without checking emails, fb, twitter, instagram, etc was bliss. we baked, we played, we crafted, we enjoyed a slow{er} pace of life for a few days. it gave my mind some peace and quiet, some time to mull things over, time to release some negative vibes, to shake off a few crazy feelings and time to regroup.

i plan on making it a more regular thing - either one day a week, or one whole weekend a month. i'm not setting it in stone, i'll take it week by week and see what feels right. 

hope that you all had a great weekend


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  1. Ahhhh, it can be so refreshing to take some time away from the internet! I agree - there is a wonderful community on here, but it's important to remember how to be fully present in the real world, too!
    Beautiful photos!

  2. I love when you do these, they're so full of love and color, inspiration and giddiness. You have such a sweet, sweet family!

  3. Hi there,

    I'm your newest follower from the Totally Awesome blog roll! I hope you follow me back!

    xo Michelle

  4. Did you make that colorful mat in the "yummy breakfast" pic? Can you tell us how? I want to make something like that. Thanks!!

  5. Wow! Your pizza looks amazing. as do your brownies. Found you from the Totally Awesome Blog Hop.
    All the best,x

  6. Your cats looks adorable, and those brownies look so yummy!! x


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