pretty things >>>>

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

my heart is swooning over these images... i need that last one up in my house!

 it's been a fun week, the kiddos have been spending time with friends {before the friends go back to school next week} lola went ice-skating yesterday and had a blast! today we're heading out boot shopping as miss lola's feet keep on growing. i think the rest of the day will be spent doing some crafts, perhaps a walk as it's looking sunny outside again. what do you have planned for you day?

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  1. Wow, these are all beautiful! I wish my door looked like that first one<3

    Your plans sound lovely! My plans are: sending out an order, catching up on blogs, doing some blogpost in advance, finishing my current book and anxiously waiting for the postman to show up with my late Christmas gifts:)

  2. i love these pictures - especially those tights! i'm going to work today... but i do need to buy some fabric! happy boot buying and crafting!

  3. These are a really beautiful selection of images, they fit so nicely alongside each other. The tights are particularly striking. I'm off to do more work to set up my new business! Scary!

    Love, Lauren.


  4. These are so beautiful. that second last photo is exactly how I wish my house was. We've got a little bit of sun today too so I'm planning a wee walk with the dogs. Have a lovely day xo

  5. Lovely! Really like the triangular house and the door knob!

  6. Hmm, I so love that image of the white triangle house.I could imagine it as a magical spiritual getaway...and the shape only helps!

  7. ooooooh I want to live in that A-frame house!!!

    And that last image made me swoon. I'm a sucker for rabbits and really anything that reminds me of the spring equinox.

  8. HOW do you do this?! Find such lovely products, pictures, etc. That first picture, ohhhh the colors. <3 I also love - and want - each lamp. The last picture is beautiful, and sweet, and so true.

  9. I love those pictures...thanks for the inspiration! I found you on the totally awesome blog hop although I have red your blog before!


  10. gorgeous. just gorgeous. I feel a pinterest spree coming on. I'm glad I decided to click on your link in the blog hop. ♥


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