farm dreams >>>>

1. happy chickens. 2. a giant pile of leaves i raked up
3. mud bath 4. mushroom table & stools

we've had almost spring like weather here the past couple of days. it's much appreciated, i'll tell you! after all the rain, it's so nice to have dry, sunny, warm{ish} weather! we've been making the most of it and spending as much time as we can outside, i'm sure it won't last long.

yesterday after i cleaned out the chickens, i spent a couple of hours tidying the bottom half of our garden. G built me a couple of vegetable beds last autumn, and i'm beginning to make plans for getting them filled. i've got some seed potatoes and onions ready, as well as some tomato seed to sow indoors. i've been browsing the organic gardening catalogue, getting ready to order some other seeds. we don't have as much space as i'd like to grow our own, but a little is better than nothing, right?

the yearning to have my own small holding has grown stronger since getting our chickens. i dream of an old farmhouse, chickens, ducks, goats, maybe even a piggie running around my feet. i have vague memories of my grandmas farm, feeding the geese with my little red bucket, getting pecked {i was tiny, younger than two} both sets of grandparents were farmers, it's something that is in my blood.

one day i hope and pray we get to make this dream come true.

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  1. I really, sincerely hope you achieve your dream of a smallholding. I live in a Manchester apartment but originate from the countryside, I've got such a yearning for ducks, goats, bees, growing my own veg etc. Good luck on your journey.

    Love, Lauren. xox


  2. You blog is indeed enchanting! I love the vibe! I found you via the Totally Awesome Blog Hop. Hope to see you on Lovely Llorys!

  3. Have you read my blog post about how we achieved our dream Polly? You might find it interesting :)
    You CAN do it too :)

  4. This is such a lovely dream...one I hope you and your family can achieve! Seems you have a wonderful start to it so far.

  5. A beautiful dream,born of beautiful memories. I share your dream! my family were all from a country background too.

  6. Oh my goodness, that first picture. ♥ Grab, hold and follow your dream, Polly!!! Only you can hold yourself back. When I was a little girl, my parents dreamed and talked CONSTANTLY about owning a ranch. They never followed through with that dream. They could have. Fear of change, or what ifs can enter your mind even if you don't feel like you acknowledge them. Don't just dream: do. Follow through. I know you're an amazing woman, and you can make your dream a reality! Good luck, lovely lady! I can't wait until one day I open your blog and see you've found your little dream farm!!!

  7. such gorgeous photos and a wonderful dream. I wish you luck.



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