diy // lotion bars >>>>

these are a given in my home there always have several hanging around. i use them for my hands, for my legs, the kiddos, and dry spots of skin. my husband swears by them to keep his hands from cracking when he's on the building site. they're simple to make, and fairly inexpensive.

you'll need:

one cup beeswax
one cup coconut oil
one cup sweet almond oil

melt all the indredients in a double boiler, stirring until they are combined. if you want to add some essential oils, now the time! then pour into your molds - i use silicone cake trays - this amount made 18 bars for me. leave for a couple hours to set, then pop them out.

essential oil suggestions - myrrh, sandalwood, lavender are good for dry, chapped skin

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  1. These look amazing, such a great idea xo

  2. So simple. I should make these as my hands are extremely dry during winter months. Thanks! :)

  3. They look amazing! I look forward to trying your recipe, thanks:D


  4. awesome, all three ingredients in the house will defo be cooking a batch up! x

  5. WHAT?! This is so easy, I can do this, haha!!! Awesome. :D Thank you for sharing, lovely lady!

  6. Such a good idea! I'll have to give this a whirl. :)


  7. Ooo, these look awesome!

  8. just made these with the calendula oil I steeped with last years flowers instead of coconut oil, Polly these are amazing and so much easier than getting the water qty/temp right when trying to make cream with the same ingredients :) these will be a given in our house now too I think, now have to find a container which means I can keep one in my bag and take it everywhere I go :) xx


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