Valentine's DIY - Fabric Heart Pouch


Hey everyone! I'm excited to bring you the first post of my week long Valentine's DIY special :) I'll be here everyday with a an easy DIY for you to make for your love for Valentine's Day.

Today I have a tutorial to make a fabric heart pouch. These are perfect to fill with some chocolates and give as a gift to loved ones.

heart DIY

You can use any fabric combination of your choice, I used denim for the two back pieces and a cotton for the front piece.

Click HERE to enlarge to full size
Print out this template and cut out piece A from the front fabric and pieces B & C from the back fabric

heart DIY

Next step is to hem the straight edges on pieces  B & C

heart DIY

Then pin all three pieces together, right sides facing, like so:

heart DIY heart DIY

Then sew them all together like this:

 heart DIY

Turn the right way out and there you have it - one cute heart pouch!

heart DIYheart DIY

I filled mine with some heart shaped chocolates - I've made one each for my girls as their Valentine's present.

If you make one I'd love to see your photos!

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  1. oh, oh ooo, I am going to make one, or two or three! I'll send you pics.
    Thanks, it is perfect :-)


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