Goal #4

Be proud of who I am. Stand up and shout out loud what I believe in (well, maybe not shout ha!) Do not be afraid to say what I think - even if it isn't the same as everyone else. Fitting in isn't all it's made out to be! Dare to be different. Follow my heart and do what pleases me... not what makes someone else happy.

Final goal will be posted tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Polly! Thanks for following our blog, and leading me to yours :) You've got a lovely little corner here!

    My goal for 2011 is "I aim to represent the woman I feel I am inside". I've stolen this from the lovely Chelsea who writes the blog Seablanket, but it just suits me so well.

    May you have a fabulous 2011 :)

    Xxx Mervi

    Ps. I've added you on our daily reads list. So see you again darling :)


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