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Phew! What a week. The girlies and I have all been sick with a nasty flu bug :( Meant that the little two didn't sleep well so neither did I. Nothing worse than being sick and not getting enough rest! Still, we seem to be on the mend at last. They've slept better the last few nights and I'm starting to feel human again. It has meant we haven't been up to very much this week. I sorted through a few boxes of old baby clothes. I *think* that I am almost ready to part with some of the baby things we no longer need. I have three girls and I feel as though my family is complete (plus the thought of even less sleep is not appealing. Ha!) So it is time to clear out some of the mountain of clothes we no longer need. SOB!

Being ill has meant I've had plenty of internet time! Did you catch my goal posts this week?
{goal 1:goal 2:goal 3:goal 4:goal 5:To-do List}


Anyhoos... onto this weeks link love!

*If you're looking for some super cute party printables look no further than here!

*For those of you who love owls like me, get this FREE printable customisable owl calendar!

*I've fallen in love with the blog of Miss Stephanie Violet

*Loving this mantra for 2011

*Find the people that want to celebrate with you, it's about capacity + connection


I'll be back this afternoon with a guest post from my friend Megan Monique Harner!

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