Goal #1

Easy one to start off with. I already try and do this every day anyway. Creating is my therapy - it's fun and makes me feel good. It doesn't have to take much time, the idea isn't to do a whole painting every day, just find 5 minutes or half an hour to do something.... take a photo, write a poem, knit a few rows, paint a little, sew...anything!

I'll be back tomorrow with goal #2! Are you setting goals for the year?? Leave me a comment to tell me yours or link to your blog!

p.s - Living Life Your Way will resume next Monday. I've looking for more people to be featured. If you're interested or want to nominate someone email me!


  1. p.s. i am happy to be your 100th follower! :D

  2. I like this goal, it's a good one! I always used to do something creative every day but this last month I've dwindled and I've realised I felt much better when I did do something little everyday. Maybe I'll just pinch other peoples goals! :)
    Oh by the way, I've put your button on my "Lovely Blogs" list.

  3. I need this on my list too...I wish I would sit every night and make things. But I usually sit and blog or I'm cleaning up messes the rest of the bunch leaves. :)

  4. p.s. i am happy to be your 100th follower! :D


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