Sparkling Stars - easy kiddo DIY

Lola and Kiki pulled their art kits out this morning, for some craft time. Miss Baya likes to join in, so I came up with this simple craft activity for her to do :) (kept her fingers out of her sisters paints!!)

Cut an even number of squares of book covering film. Peel the backing off one square, and lay it sticky side up. Cut a long piece of thread and lay it across the film.

Stick your chosen decorations onto the film leaving spaces in bewtween them, and sprinkle some glitter in between.

Peel the backing off a second square, and press it over the decorated piece. 

Add more squares of book film, leaving a  little thread showing between the squares.

Voila! They look super pretty hanging in a sunny window! Perfect toddler craft, not too messy as long as you don't mind glitter EVERYWHERE!!!

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  1. Excellent idea! I will save this for when my little one is just a tiny bit older.


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