My little rainbow

It was an incredibly windy day yesterday, we almost got blown away walking to our home ed group in the morning!!! But it was a special day yesterday for Miss Kiki - she (finally) got to start Rainbows! She's been asking to go ever since Lola started 3 years ago - so she was super excited to be going.

She had a great time, and was the only little girl going for the first time who stayed all by herself :) She looked so sweet and grown up in her uniform:

TOday I'm trying to get on top of things, getting ready for going away on Saturday! We're taking a break to go to storytime at the Library this afternoon, then I'll be cracking back on with my huge to-do list :)


  1. congrats on Kiki's first Rainbows day:) Its a big step going to groups on your won:)

  2. Lovely to hear that Kiki enjoyed Rainbows.  Tiegan used to love her time with the Rainbows group and is now equally enjoying Brownies :)

  3. She is just too adorable in her uniform!

    Good luck getting all the last minute things together for your trip. Hope you get some relaxation time. *hug*


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