not back to school....

the schools here have all started back this week.. and while we're home-schooling, after spending years myself in the school system, I still get that 'back-to-school' feeling come September! I love that I get to spend all day with my kiddos, and get to enjoy this life that we have. while we didn't completely stop work over the summer, now that autumn seems to be here I've plans to get back on track with our home schooling.

we don't follow a particular curriculum, nor are we totally formal in the way we learn. but i do think that some structure is important in the girls learning, and we use various workbooks- mainly for maths/english and science. they also use an online programme called Studyladder which they both love.

we usually do an hour or so of book work in a morning, then activities in the afternoon. homeschooling is not an easy choice and not the right one for every family. I'm open to the girls going to school in the future if they ever want to try or if our situation changes. but for now I'm excited to carry on this road!


  1. After spending my childhood in public schools, I could definitely see the benefit of homeschooling. I hate to say it, but the quality of teachers in our town infuriates me some days. I'm just glad that my family has me around to help with the confusion of math, when they kiddos get stuck with a horrible teacher.

  2. I would absolutely love to homeschool my kids when I have them. My homeschooling views have been reinforced since I worked in a primary school for 18 months, I don't think an education is all about academia, it's about values and I feel that no one can teach my kids values better than their parents. I saw whilst working as a classroom assistant that nothing other than the norm seems to be accepted - I remember there was a little boy who liked to dress up in the fairy costumes ( I worked in the nursery class) and the other children were almost encouraged to laugh at him by the teacher. Before she had pointed it out that he was dressing in 'girls' clothes and looked silly none of the other kids had batted an eyelid.
    Even the fact of me being a vegetarian was met with disdain and I was told 'there are no vegetarians in this school' and had to bring in my own lunch.
    The school I worked in was a small village school and educationally is regarded as a very good school but they were definitely very....I don't really know how to say it....maybe narrowminded or perhaps stifling is a better word?


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