Home tour: our bedroom

pretty art on the walls

head scarves, bedside table & the belly cast from when I was pregnant with Baya

there are guitars everywhere in our house!

pretty scarfs at the window - I love the view looking over our garden and down our woods

my (very tidy!) dressing table ;)

LOVE having this huge mirror in our bedroom

one of the first gifts my Mr bought me

necklace/earring hanger I made

cute sign on our door
 thought i'd share a quick peek inside my bedroom :) it's a cosy little room, the sun rises through our window so i get woken up to pretty sunshine (if i'm lucky!) i love the view out of the window - i can see down to our woods, and watch the birds and the squirrels in a morning!

the crochet throw on our bed i picked up for £2 at a charity shop - total bargain! and the giant mirror is perfect for getting dressed/doing hair and make up in. the accoustic guitar is ancient - it's taken some battering! There are as many guitars in our house as people... and if the girls are hoping father christmas will bring them more.

our bedroom is so peaceful - i love to curl up in bed in an evening, read a book or watch a dvd on the laptop. i just wish i got to spend longer in bed ;)


  1. Lovely! You can really see your personality in the room, I love all the crative little touches! :)
    P.s. been meaning to email you but things have been odd here, I'll get to it soon though I'm sure. xxxx

  2. I love the personality your bedroom has. When I finally get the funds & time to make our bedroom what we want it to become, it's going to be a lovely little woodsy getaway. Perfect for napping & relaxing.

  3. I love this! :) Out of curiosity, what does the little note on the mirror say? Is it a quote? :)

  4. Your bedroom looks so lovely and you can really see your personality shine through all your little bits x

  5. Our place is cluttered with guitars too. My eldest has 'borrowed' my electric guitar and amp so I guess that one has gone for good. My husband always used to say plectrums are lighters never really belong to anyone and go round in circles, I guess he never knew the same applied to instruments lol

  6. What an eclectic, fun, funky and inviting space. I simply LOVE the jewerly hanger you made. Great shade of pink!


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