apple pressing


we had a fun time at our BBQ on saturday - though I'd forgotten to charge my camera and so didn't get any photos :( the rain held off all afternoon, and whilst it wasn't sunny - it was nice to sit and chill in the garden, catch up with friends and just have fun!

sunday was spent pressing apples to make our own cider.... it's something we've done for the last few years, and whilst hard work, results in free booze ;) we collect windfall, and apples we get given, so the cost is minimal.

the girls all helped with some chopping, milling and pressing - and had a try of the apple juice too

today we're trying to get back into the swing of 'normal life' after our holiday - back to 'school work' and the girls groups! Kiki's excited to go back to Rainbows tonight, and I'm on the hunt for a drama group for the bigger two to join!

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