just for the fun of it...

It seems like months have passed since I last felt the urge to draw or paint. I'd hit a creative block and was lacking inspiration. I decided that I needed to just do it.. do it for fun and nothing more. To not put any expectations on what comes out. Just have fun!

I sat yesterday when the girls were playing on the WII and did some doodling. I used some pages from old books I've thrifted. And just let the pen lead the way! I enjoyed it - and that was the most important thing!!!

I also broke out the paints and have started work on a canvas :) a little art therapy is just what I am in need of!!


  1. That's great! I'm hoping to get some time to do things like this...but I have to clear out some space in my craft cove first. Right now there is no room for me to do anything.

    Oh, and your artwork looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. baba yotschkaMay 31, 2011

    letting go and just creating is usually the best idea. I love how the faces look against the background of the book pages!

  3. kelly corsoMay 31, 2011

    Great idea! I have been working on that as well. Just making things not looking for a perfect end result. I think it is definately getting the creative juices flowing! I think what you have done looks wonderful!

  4. I LOVE to paint on canvas. :) What a fabulous idea to use thrifted book pages!

  5. You're so very talented, Polly!! :)



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