Just wanted to let you know that I'm featured over at Angie Muldowney's blog today - taking part in her '5fives' feature. I was thrilled to be asked (and to be the first interviewee!!!) Hop on over THERE and check out my answers :)

I'll be back later with today's list in my 52 Lists

And today is the last day to enter the Mega May Giveaway - I'll be picking 11 winners tomorrow!!

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  1. baba yotschkaMay 27, 2011

    awh, cool! I love hot baths, too! but they always make me feel so guilty, because they use so much water, so I try to talk my darling into sharing... two showers would fill a bathtub, no? ;o))

  2. pixiemamaMay 28, 2011

    I know... I usually end up sharing a tub with one or more of my daughters to save water! But sometimes, a soak in a deep hot bath is just what the soul needs ;)


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