List 43: Things to do in Liverpool

We're just home after a long and busy (but fun!) day in Liverpool. I LOVE being in the city, I love the hustle and bustle, big buildings and the energy! Here's what fun Liverpool has to offer:

dress up at the Walker Art Gallery

See all the blue ducks (40,000 in total) at the World Museum

See the fish in the Aquarium 

Play in the fountains

Visit the Albert Docks and see the boats

Go to China Town

We had a fantastic day out - I think the girls are worn out (I hope so because I am, and could really use a good nights sleep!!!)

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  1. What a beautiful and fun city! No wonder you're exhausted ... there's so much to do there!

  2. MotherfunkerMay 28, 2011

    Have never been to Liverpool, it's nice to see real life family pics of what to do there. Must get the sprogs over there in our bus for some shenanigans some time! Also just read your Wilfred Peterson quote, I absolutely love it, especially the bit about having your head in the clouds and feet on the ground! Funny that....

  3. Rebecca shawMay 28, 2011

    What a fab day out. Liverpool is just the best place in the world for a fun day with little ones. We're off there at the end of June as we haven't been for a couple of months. Going to ride the big boat lol. Love the fountain pictures, the boys always want to get soaked in there!

  4. This is wonderful! I just love the dress up and fountain photos! I bet they were exhausted. I have a three year old Godson, and everytime we go on outings he is asleep before I even leave the carpark on the way home! Your city has some wonderful attractions too. The dock looks like fun! I definitely need to go on another outing soon x 


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